The new modular systems have ushered in a different trend in lifestyle and made the concept of open kitchen very popular, writes Pratima Gupta

I remember till few years ago kitchen was considered an unimportant place which would be located in an isolated corner of the house and always looks messy. Rather it looked like a mini food factory. No one thought that it should be the most important part of our lives as people spend considerable amount of time to cook two/three meals a day.

Thanks to new modular and stylish kitchen systems, a different trend in lifestyle has been ushered in. Also the concept of open kitchen has become very popular. A kitchen can tell a lot about the style of the home and can also serve as hub for family bonding. The whole family can enjoy the process of cooking together and it helps children learn good eating habits.

It helps in many advantages to have an open kitchen like…

-You are not isolated and keep interacting with family members

-Other family members including guests find it easy to help you while doing chit chat

-It provides extra space as the most space taken by the wall can be utilized for coffee table or breakfast bar

-You can serve the food hot as it offers convenience of movement between cooking counter and dining table

-It also forces you to keep kitchen always clean hence you adapt working style in such a way that keeps the kitchen clutter free with out much effort

- It helps in keeping eye on children while cooking.

- An experience of effortless cooking will make happy environment at home

But there are certain things you should keep in mind while planning an open kitchen in your home.

A mess of unwashed dishes will make your house look dirty and messy all times. It also demands complete cleanliness which can be difficult at all times. It needs planning and systematic effort which can be achieved easily.

Certain aspects to be considered…

-A small kitchen can also look big by combining dining area to kitchen

-It can create extra space for chopping activity around the cooking counter.

-The cooking counter can also be used as eating area if planned properly, bar chairs can be kept for the purpose

-Most important thing to remember is that the front should always be facing the family/guest

-A dish washer should be installed or separate areas for washing dishes should be planned to avoid the mess visible openly.

-Open kitchen is more airy and a good quality chimney is must to avoid the smoke and grease catching the fan and walls

-A chimney should be selected considering the room size and cooking style of the persons

-A good quality modern fittings are must as kitchen becomes part of living/drawing room

-Use of glass will make kitchen look big and light

-Special watch on small children is needed as they may tend to move in kitchen while playing

So go ahead and renovate your kitchen.

(The author is Head of Interior Design at Luxus and guest faculty at NIFT and can be contacted at ‘')

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