Faceliift gives old structures a makeover without altering their character

Many of those who can afford a spanking new house live in an old one because of a lifetime of memories built around it. But they secretly hate the fact that the weather-beaten house compares poorly with their colleagues' plush new bungalows.

Partly due to paucity of design companies entirely devoted to renovation work, few realise their old house can gain a dramatically new look without losing its character.

With renovation of old buildings as its sole focus, Faceliift seeks to tap the potential in the renovation market. Launched two months ago, it is an off-shoot of Dhrishticone, a 22-year-old Chennai-based design firm offering elevation design services to architects and builders across India.

The idea of facelift services for old buildings crossed the mind of Vijay Bargotra (head of Dhrishticone) at a salon — when the hairdresser asked him if he needed a facial as well.

Not just designs for improving a building's façade, Faceliift also offers help in sprucing up the interiors and effecting alterations and additions to the structure.

“In addition to our team, which includes architects, civil engineers, graphic designers, 3D modellers and animators, we hire structural engineers to asses the structural stability of an old building,” says Bargotra.

For a house, Faceliift's charges range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000. Its services include drawings, specifications of materials to be used, detailed information on how to source them, and who can carry out the job. If necessary, Faceliift may provide engineers to supervise the renovation.

Faceliift at present has offices in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. “Faceliift has ongoing living and commercial projects in Chennai, Salem, Madurai, Vijaywada, Hyderabad and Delhi,” he says.

For details, visit faceliift.com