Based on the ‘green home’ concept, the villas at Pragati Green Meadows offer eco-friendly living

For all that industrialisation and modern means of living that has become a part of our lifestyles, the concept of living in synchrony with nature is definitely catching up in today’s scenario. No matter how much you depend on air-conditioning or the latest LED lamps, nothing can beat the natural breeze or the warm sunlight. Nature has provided us its own ways of living and this is what Pragati Green Meadows at Shankerpally is all about. For most of the city dwellers, life has become synonymous with the word ‘mechanical’. We live in a city covered in a blanket of pollution, unaware of its disastrous side effects. It is perhaps the craving for fresh air and green surroundings that has the city expanding.

Step into one of the Pragati Villas. The breathtaking view of acres of greenery will make you feel one with nature. Rows of different species of trees sway together as the cool breeze comes as a blessing. Labelled as the ‘Destination of Joy’ Pragati Green Meadows (Ph.9848799189) has over 33 residential villas which are built on 1,000 sq. yards each. “It’s not just about the villas. Every aspect of the ‘green home’ concept has been taken into account to build these villas,” points out Dr. G.B.K. Rao, Chairman and Managing Director, Pragati Resorts. Right from round the clock security to water, power cable lines, everything is taken care of by the management. The villas are located next to the resort and each villa has a built-up area of 2,745 sft, which consists of a duplex villa along with a servant quarter. “The main concept of these villas is to have eco-friendly living. So, along with the 1,000 sq yards villa, we have planted 36 wood and fruit bearing trees to increase the existing green cover,” says Dr. Rao.

All efforts go into making it truly green concept and attention has been taken to incorporate even in the smallest of the detail. “Care is taken to provide water harvesting. Even the paints used for homes are eco-friendly and the plantations across the estate have been taken care and no chemicals or pesticides are used. We have been using organic manure for our plants and this is the reason why there are no mosquitoes here,” asserts Dr. Rao.

Golf course

But this is not all. Pragati Green Meadows houses a sewerage treatment plant which treats over seven lakh litres of sewerage per day and the recycled water is reused for drip irrigation. Apart from the residential villas, another 160 villas of 500 sq yards each are being planned, apart from a nine-hole golf course spread over 110 acres and a 23 acre-academy golf area, where residents and members will be taught various techniques of the sport. Moreover, the distance from Gachibowli to Pragati Green Meadows is about 21 kms if one drives via Narsingi and the distance from Kollur junction on the outer ring road is about seven kms.


Villa wiseMay 8, 2010