K. Sukumaran takes a look at technology support for energy saving solutions and the efforts put in by ISHRAE

Natural energy sources like sun, wind and water are utilised by us for generating power. We use the power for heating, cooling, refrigerating and air conditioning. Countries with extreme climatic conditions utilise energy to better advantage through innovative designs and methods in the construction of factory floors, offices and homes. Extensive energy is also used for making different types of machines and precision equipment, healthcare products including medicines, preservation of agricultural and food products through cold chains and for regulating room temperatures. With the fast changing climatic conditions, thinning ozone layer etc., green buildings and energy saving solutions have come into sharp focus.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), founded in the year 1894 and having worldwide membership and branches in major destinations, has been working to coordinate and integrate the activities of different players in the energy field. The Indian counterpart of ASHRAE, the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), was established in 1990, and is entering its 25th year in 2015. In order to sustain public awareness, ISHRAE has been conducting exhibitions and workshops periodically under the banner “ACREX India” in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore by rotation. The last ACREX India was held in Delhi from February 27 to March 1, 2014. Its next edition is slated to be held from February 26 to 28, 2015, in Bangalore.

As a curtain raiser to this event, the Bangalore Chapter of ISHRAE, in collaboration with NurnbergMesse India, organised a panel discussion of experts in the related fields on March 28.

The focus of the discussions was heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration (HVR&A) for energy saving initiatives.

While briefing presspersons on the sidelines of the above event, the national president of ISHRAE, Nirmal Ram, and its founder president, V. Madhava Rao, who is also the Chairman of ACREX India, 2015, elaborated its aims, objectives and plans, the highlights of which are:

Natural energy resources are fast depleting and there is an urgent need for their efficient use.

There has been an increased usage of energy resources in homes, offices and factories.

The concept of energy saving is fast catching up.

Technological innovations in designs, manufacture and updation of usage solutions can come in support of the energy saving initiatives to a large measure.

Talking of Karnataka and Bangalore in particular, construction activity continues in a high pitch in this ever growing city. The changing temperature graph of Bangalore, especially in summer months, has made air conditioning a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Big push

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sector in the city has been growing at an average of 10-12 per cent over the last decade. Energy usage for air conditioning in the construction sector being around 15 to 20 per cent, there is a need for enhanced energy saving and conservation. In this scenario, green construction solutions are getting a big push.

Neutralisation, if not full negation of carbon generation in the atmosphere, is also becoming a priority for clean environment.

Taking into account the participating countries, product exhibitors and visitors at the recently concluded ACREX India 2014 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, the next year’s show can expect more than 25 countries to set up stalls, including the U.S., U.K, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, and Singapore and other fast growing engineering and cool-tech global leaders.

A whopping 400 exhibitors, including many multinational companies, are likely to exhibit their products, such as water distribution / treatment systems / accessories, air handling and distribution products, stand alone coolers of various types, refrigeration and allied products, air quality enhancement systems, updated underground floor tech product line etc., on the building front alone. Smart home technologies will be in focus.

The organisers are keen to project future homes of unparalleled luxury. An array of top-end builders/developers, architects, consultants and service providers will be a part of the event, which will be held at the sprawling Bangalore international exhibition centre on the Bangalore-Tumkur highway. The organisers are planning to have a series of programmes to the ‘run-up’ between now and next February. Let us hope that the HVR&A technology usage will receive a great boost in the years to come.