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Insulating our shelters

The belief that walls and roofs should be solid for long lasting strength is a myth. »
Organic pesticides are a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers. Plot

Pest free, the natural way

Here are three gardening essentials and Hema Vijay tells you how to use them »

The Big 5 for Chennai

Here are five smart things that Chennai can do to become a cleaner, greener and healthier city. »
May 8, 2015

Will power to live with nature

We all have heard people saying India is not a nation of voluntary compliance, hence knowledge of traffic rules or need for cleanliness do not deter us from violating rules or from littering our st... »
May 3, 2015

Design to beat the heat

Every summer, the rising temperature becomes a hot topic for discussion. Architects and builders, especially those who claim to design eco-friendly houses, get frequent complaints about how unbe... »
Chandrashekar Hariharan
April 24, 2015

Beyond planting a tree

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22 and events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It first came about in 1970, and is now coordinated globally... »
April 24, 2015

Green dream a reality now

A recent study by Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore, has revealed that energy consumption by homes in Chennai contributes to 39 per cent of the city’s emissions and consequent carbon... »
Scarcity of space has led to high rentals for parking slots. Photo: N. Sridharan
April 17, 2015

Your space, your right

Strange as it may sound, most of us spend more than a few hours driving each day — to work and back, running errands, dropping off family members, etc. Where you live can make a huge difference to... »
April 10, 2015

The commodification of water

It stands as a monument in the park next to a borewell. This borewell had a RCC cistern next to it. Run by the municipality, water would be pumped into it and would also be supplied to a park. Peop... »
April 3, 2015

Home, sweet home

A majority of us spend at least half of every day at home. We keep a hawk-like eye on our health and our finances, but what about the haven we live in? In 2013, the RX List revealed that most of u... »
May 8, 2015

Chennai’s Garden of Eden

Sprawled across 4, 000 sq.ft, Jaswant Singh’s garden and terrace hosts a number of plant and tree varieties. The list includes 65 medicinal and culinary herbs, 20 vegetable plants, 65 varieties of... »
(From left) Akhil Nichani, Jay Puducheri and Shantanu Vyas.
May 1, 2015

Smart water solution

If you live in Chennai, you cannot miss the long lines snaking in front of water tankers, as women and children wait, colourful plastic pots in hand, for their turn to come. Collecting water for d... »
April 24, 2015

The monsoon of 2015

It is awaited with bated breath and even the stock markets react to it. If you are a water consumer of any kind in India and everyone is, it is most crucial for you. The Indian Meteorological Depa... »
CUT DOWN EMISSIONS by adopting sustainable construction methods and switching to renewable power sources.
April 17, 2015

Chennai’s mega carbon footprint

Chennai has another first to its credit. This time, for all the wrong reasons. A recent study in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews by the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) reveals... »
April 10, 2015

For a breath of fresh air

There is a growing concern about the quality of air in our cities. Air pollution is now a major cause of diseases in India and reducing the amount of pollutants should be our primary focus. As a... »
Ideal alternatives
April 10, 2015

Earth as shelter

If asked in a quiz competition, any high school kid would say their immediate shelter is their house. After all, the urge to build a house comes from the need for shelter making and hence these tw... »