It is lighter than traditional walls and is designed to provide a high acoustic performance

Saint-Gobain Gyproc, which is the Indian module of the Saint-Gobain Group, is looking to enter the Indian market with Drywall and Acoustic Ceiling solutions. Drywall is a relatively new concept in India. The gypsum plasterboard- based solution reduces the complications that are faced in normal masonry constructions. Drywall is lighter than its traditional version and is designed to provide a high acoustic performance, something that the normal wall fails to accomplish.

There are three main components in a Drywall: the gypsum plaster boards, studs (which hold the plasterboard together) and the specially designed Drywall screws. The installation procedure is simple and requires limited specialisation and technical know-how. Drywalls can be used in offices, hospitals, residential complexes and schools. John Nelson, Global Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, U.K. said, “Drywalls are known the world over. When it comes to construction costs, Drywalls would be a value proposition for anyone.”

Drywalls also simplify processes such as wiring or adding a new switch board. Since they are made from plaster they can be easily cut and the switchboard placed. Even painting on these walls would not be an issue and can be done immediately as the manufacture of these walls does not involve water, so there is no drying period.

The company’s acoustic ceilings are marketed under the brand name Ecophon. They are designed to reduce decibel levels. Frans Davidson, Saint Gobain Ecophon, Sweden, said, “Acoustic requirements play a major role while designing a certain space. Ecophon’s mission is to contribute to a good working environment for the ear and the mind. The right room design and the right building material go hand in hand while delivering the right room acoustics.”