Summer is taking a toll on garden plants, and here are some simple ways to protect them

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As the mercury continues to rise, it’s up to us to take care of the plants that adorn our garden. Here are a few simple ways to make sure they’re still thriving and receiving abundant light.

Over watering the plants or the lawn during summer is a common mistake. Each plant has different needs; one must water plants sensibly and in the evenings, so that it keeps the plants moist overnight.

Classifying plants is important because arranging plants according to the amount of sunlight they need makes things easy in the garden.

Plants that need a lot of shade must be kept inside a net shade in summer and should move half-shade plants to covered/shadier parts of the garden, as summer heat may pose danger to them and over exposure to the sun may even destroy them. Organic manure is also key to keep moisture stored for a long time. Chemical fertilizers are a complete no-no.

It’s not wise to water plants when the sun is at its peak and so any time before 9 am, or after 5 pm would be better. Avoid cutting plants or shaping them during the summer. As far as lawn cutting is concerned, it should be done in the evening and the lawns must be cleaned and watered immediately after being mowed.

Strong winds can dry out soil, plants, and mulch, so if you live near the beach or in the path of strong winds, use a living hedge or fence as a screen. It would allow some air to flow through. Avoid metal fencing because it will absorb and radiate the heat on to the plants.

The writer is Core Committee Member, Plants Guardian Society, New Delhi


Summer blooms May 17, 2013