Accessories, tools, acoustics... all that you need for your garden, at this store

Creepers hang down the walls in flourishing curls, a red-and-yellow tyre planter is placed outside the door, many potted plants circle the store and butterflies flutter past the ceramic planters and granite lanterns. At the Garden Store, green is a way of life.

Deepa Vijay has been experimenting with green spaces and even has a terrace garden where she grows vegetables. She believes that every home must have a green patch, even if it’s an apartment with a small balcony. “My husband and I run a consultancy firm and we decided to start this store together. We wanted to tell people that they have to learn to keep their environment clean in whatever way possible,” she says. “We’ve travelled quite a bit and have seen how people abroad keep green spaces even in small apartments. We thought we’d bring those ideas here.”

Started earlier this month, the store sells pots, wrought-iron stands, planters, garden tools and accessories, acoustics, hammocks, terracotta and granite urlis, granite lanterns and some eco-friendly apparel and accessories as well. “We have sourced a lot our products from all around Tamil Nadu and some from West Bengal as well. Currently, we are working with a few NGOs to provide us with products,” she adds, “As far as the materials go, we have tin, wood, ceramic, cement, bamboo and rubber planters. We customise them according to shape, material, size and colour.”

The store also has Do-It-Yourself options, where customers are sold pots and murals that they can paint themselves. “We also have accessories like zodiac and elemental wind chimes, bugs and beetles for the garden and hammocks, to help you relax in the garden. The hammocks are among the fastest selling in the store,” Deepa says.

The labels on the items carry not just the name of the store but also a green message. “Our labels are like bookmarks and offer tips on environment-friendly concepts. Just to give our customers something to think about,” she smiles, “We are experimenting with some eco-friendly designs as well, like the rubber planter. Also, we are trying to come up with some other functional models like a planter that can be hung at the entrance of your home. It will have a few hooks on which you can hang umbrellas or maybe even a dog collar. We also sell shopping bags made out of recycled material, handbags and gym bags as well.”

The products in Garden Store range between Rs.40 and Rs.20,000. “Every evening, we sit out in our garden and relax. We have garden speakers and we listen to some relaxing music. It really helps de-stress, attracts butterflies and birds and keeps the home cool,” says Deepa.

Find it at 2/6, 2 Main Road, Seethammal Colony, Alwarpet. Ph: 24360193