Thanks to the emergence of architects and interior designers, the aptitude for creative display is growing

Home furnishing is one of the fastest growing sector with a 40 per cent rise every year. Thanks to the emergence of architects and interior designers, the aptitude for creative display is growing.

“This is what gives the industry the required boost,” says market analyst Amit Bhagwan. “Home fashion and lifestyle trends are akin to the four seasons. Nothing is constant, just as fashion. We believe that interior thoughts, ideas and colours introduced each season have to be one of its kind to adapt to global trends. India’s strength lies in its professional designers who bring in lakhs of new ideas in designs every year,” explains Amit.

Heard of dual-usage prints? This two-way fabric is a veritable curtain collection that speaks of functionality, as both sides are noticeably dissimilar for getting displayed either way.

The same material can be used as Chinese curtains acting as space dividers that come in blends of raw silk, Chinese silk and jute. “Fabrics with different finishes, classical floral motifs and modern abstracts are even used for wall panelling to create niche areas,” explains Shanta Dixit, interior designer. But what takes the cake is the artificial faux leather that stirs your senses for its feel. “The mechanised ply-yarn helps the material look so amazingly real,” says the store Brand Manager, explaining that people need not go in for original leather in upholstery, for technology helps one create healthier lifestyles. Silk velvet piles and viscose piles on cotton base mat finish, ‘Sufi’ fabric with abstract criss-cross designs, ‘Tezido’ geometrics in silk and acrylic are some more that would beckon you.

The flowing assortment

The botanical fare in curtain fabrics is something novel that shops such as Atmosphere in Bangalore offers with leafy designs that make you feel the fabric more and more. It is as if the nucleus of the leaf is spread all over with a fall that makes these pure silks perfectly suitable for curtain patterning. The animal prints, ethnic plains, striped abstracts and the eye-catching embroidery in linen and silk blends more than please your eye.

Floor fashions

Fashion on the floor is changing too, and ‘floor cushions’ are already in. Functional and aesthetic ones that can adorn your showcase or sofa and floor speak of patterning details in floor grammar Vacuuming and dusting are enough for maintenance, and just in case you fear spills, go in for ‘Scotch Stain Guard.’ The prices range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 6,500 a metre.