Sudha Chandran’s home reflects her personality – simple, yet dramatic

“It’s been just some time since we shifted to this flat. There was no need to buy a flat because we already owned two in Mumbai. But I always wanted to see a name plate on the door with my name on it. My husband and father both had a house with their names on the door.

“My flat is well located. It is near the highway and the sets where I work are close to this area. “I don’t know anything about Vaastu. I just believe in God. We pray regularly so I think even a bad place will be filled with positive energy. “This house has been designed to suit the tastes of my husband and mine. We have consciously avoided interior decorators. Both Virgos, my husband and I have known each other for years — 16 years of marriage and almost eight years before that. “I am a very private person, I don’t like socialising. I’m a cleanliness freak and am particular about the placement of furniture.

“People who visit us feel they are walking into a set. It is a very filmi house. I initially wanted to have shades of red and blue but finally settled for softer tones such as yellow and purple. “My house is simple and I think simplicity conveys a lot of things about an individual. I don’t believe in exotic artefacts. “Every corner in my house is my favourite. But I chill out in my bedroom. “On the sets, I am always loaded with jewellery and make-up. I like to be myself at least when I’m home. I am always in my night gown at home — the only outfit in which I am myself.

“My dream is to buy a plot in Chennai, but I will never give up this house.”

Bollywood News Service