Gas stoves, greasy cabinets, sinks and a drab kitchen are passé. Luxurious kitchens are in adding an aesthetic value to your house, writes Neeraja Murthy

A motley group of Italians, Germans and even Indians are invading your house, your kitchen. The greasy gas stove, tiles, modular wooden shelves, cabinets and sinks are thrown out of your drab rasoi. In comes a luxurious modern kitchen that sparkles with state-of-the-art accessories. Gone are the days when designer or modular kitchens were the preserve of a few wealthy families in the city. The discerning Hyderabadi who loves to lead the high life, get pampered and loves to indulge in the splurge game joins in. For Hyderabadi big spenders, having a fancy and up-to-date kitchen adds to the oomph factor.

Dream kitchen

The modern kitchen is not just a place where your breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared. The dream kitchens involve professionals and specialists who design the kitchen according to your taste and your budget.

They provide a layout plan with minute details including work surfaces, electrical fittings, garbage bins and storage spaces and even a refrigerator.

When you drop in at Alno, the newly-launched store by Khazana group at Jubilee Hills, be prepared for an eye popping and jaw-dropping tour. Luxurious surfaces with a glossy appearance, doors and drawers here open with a tap and a push, a garbage bin which just needs a gentle kick. There's more to come. That little corner in your kitchen which has been wasted as you could never reach has been used intelligently. So are the inbuilt dishwasher, food warmers and refrigerator and a kitchen platform which can be modified according to your height!

‘Who wouldn't want a neat, stylish and an attractive kitchen?” Bhawant Anand of the Alno store begins the conversation with a poser. “Today's generation is well informed and exposed to different ideas and ways of doing things and would not mind spending a few lakhs for living a high life.” he asserts.

Luxosphere, the little Italy in Road No. 1, Banjara Hills will not serve you pizzas and pastas but has all that is Italian and stylish. “The Italian kitchen brand is a clever blend of creativity and comfort,” says Murli, the director of the store. Saying aye to the statement is none other than master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who bought five kitchens from the showroom.

You have heard of Swarovski crystals and artifacts. Now, you can add chimneys to the list. A horse-shoe shaped kitchen with two chimneys studded with Swarovski crystals (Rs. 1.5 lakh each) looks like a scene straight out of movies. The fine sense of aesthetics has come to reflect the changing lifestyle feels Swetha, a young architect.

“With more and people experimenting with different types of cuisines, a well stocked kitchen with proper utilisation of space is vital,” she says and adds, “Unlike Western cuisine, Indian cuisine is very elaborate and the woman needs to feel comfortable.”

Modular kitchens especially the imported ones (starting from Rs. 2.5 lakh and go upwards till Rs. 30 lakh yes!) create a tasteful environment but are definitely not for the impulse shopper. However, there are a few modules which come for a decent budget like the Chilliez modular kitchens which start from Rs. 60,000.

“Our target is the middle class, the working couples who dream of a modular kitchen and can fulfil it in their budget,” says Venkaiah, the general manager.

A well-planned kitchen makes cooking a pleasant activity.

So, why complain looking at the grime and dust, call the designers and let them make it a dream kitchen.

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