Fewer walls, liberal space, minimalism in design, flood of light and wind

With apartments, interior designers and homeowners face the challenge of making best use of limited space. Here, the owners wanted openness and ventilation, without many walls to clutter up the space.

Apartment-dwellers are blessed with exquisite views from up high, a quality that the architect Lisa Ajit was careful to tap while redesigning the interiors of the flat.

The watchword here is minimalism, in elegance of furnishings, restrained distribution of curios, polished woodwork and use of colours — all enhancing the quality of expansiveness inside the 2,600-sq.ft apartment.

There are fewer walls. What would otherwise have been separate rooms, even the kitchen, the pantry and the dining room, have been brought together by bringing down the number of walls, letting in more light into the home.

Being on the fourth floor of a building on a marginally higher terrain, the flat receives wind constantly. The balcony near the dining and the living areas is not separated by grille. Frameless glass sliding doors have been installed to highlight the view.

Location: Eenchakkal

Owner: Ajay Pothen & Solly Ajay

Architect: Lisa Ajit