When Paul Pandian Ganesh from M/s Atelierr started work on the design of a 2,200 sq. ft apartment in Kilpauk, his aim was to create a space that would reflect each of its occupants’ personalities. With opulent whites all around the house and a glossy finish he used a lot of lighting to creating a ‘floating’ illusion. “The master bedroom was designed with dark wood and is very cosy,” Ganesh says. The owners’ daughter, a vibrant girl with a penchant for geometry got her own angular room. “We didn’t want to create a regular room for her. She is extremely energetic and her room has angles with a quirky look about it,” he adds.

The lady of the house loves having friends over and Ganesh had to keep that too in mind to create a comfortable area for her to entertain them. “The balcony is the highlight,” Ganesh says, “We created an alcove, of sorts, with a seating area surrounded by printed glass! This is where the father and son of the house bond.” With linen and zari curtains, high gloss laminate polish for furniture, imported wall paper and Korean white light, the house exudes an easy air. “We paid a lot of attention to small things. Like the shoe rack in the house. No one will believe it’s a shoe rack to begin with. It’s completely closed, white and looks as if it’s suspended and even comes with it’s own seating area for people to sit on!” he says.