It is a high-end one-room unit where the kitchen, living and other spaces flow seamlessly.

A house to be comfortable, with an element of luxury, needs to be of fairly decent size that includes a bedroom at the least. Or so it always seemed. A large room that housed living, dining, kitchen as well as the sleeping quarters was essentially meant for those who can ill afford a larger accommodation.

But perhaps this perception needs revisiting for the myth about small quarters and their affordability is about to be shattered, what with changing lifestyles and soaring land prices. Welcome to the land of or should it be sky spaces of studio apartments, where the entire residence is confined to one luxurious room that is both expansive and comfortable and most important of all, does not come cheap.

Studio apartments essentially feature as a one-room unit where the kitchen features as single counter space with storage spaces above and beneath, the dining either forming part of the counter or integrated deftly into the kitchen space. The living area flows into the sleeping quarters where the television, coffee table and twin sofa define the living space while the double cot and wardrobe marks the bedroom.

Fancy price

The interesting factor is the popularity of the studio concept with many single or young couples opting for it as convenient dwelling. With some of these units offering housekeeping facilities for a fee, these compact luxurious managed dwellings are increasingly sought after with many sporting a fancy price that can match a small one-bedroom unit sans frills.

Says Viswa Pratap Desu, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Brigade Group, “These studio apartments, with facilities of a one-bedroom unit spread over a smaller area, target high-end consumers.” The 590 sq. ft studio units offered by Brigade Group in its high-end township model, Brigade Gateway, comes with a fairly large kitchen that accommodates a hob, microwave, refrigerator, and storage cabinets.


The living area accommodates a single- and three-seating sofas along with coffee table and television unit. The bedroom is large enough to house a double-bed and wardrobe while a collapsible wall serves as demarcation when required, from the rest of the unit. The interiors are plush, some coming with air conditioners, all of which are offered as a complete package with the studio unit.

The AQB Pixel One, a fascinating range of affordable studios developed by AQB Group, has a lush green courtyard as the central feature, with the units built around it, the winding staircase around the courtyard serving as a relaxation zone.

Says Raja Arjun, Director, AQB Group, “The staircase is staggered, with every few steps leading to a unit. Outside each unit are seating spaces which act as a spillover from the unit for relaxing, entertaining. The atrium has a hinged skylight to flush out hot air while the presence of trees drops the ambient temperature by a few degrees to let in cool air into the individual units.”

The individual units, targeting the single customer or young couple, are customised to meet individual requirements, with the décor fashioned in accordance. The free flowing units, measuring 580 sq. ft, accommodate a functional kitchen where the counter space can extend up to 9 ft. where desired. The living area and bedroom are equally spacious, with a large balcony and a collapsible wall offering privacy to the bedroom when required.

Afallon belonging to Akruti Developers is also a luxury studio unit that ranges from 650 to 800 sq. ft, with spacious living area, bedroom and a large balcony to relax. The kitchen counter extends to offer a dining space while collapsible wall affords privacy for the sleeping segment from the rest of the free flowing interior. Luxury again marks the tastefully done interiors. The units come with extra frills such as pool, gym, and sauna, along with a central courtyard.

Says Nikhil Jadhav, Managing Director, Akruti Developers, “There is a significant market waiting to be tapped in this segment. This is especially if these units come with a housekeeping option where the hassle of managing the unit is also absent. The customers in this segment are not only single and young couples but also older people who are looking for more compact units that address their needs.”

Interestingly, while the market demands such luxurious studio units, the supply may not meet this demand. Says Pratap Desu, “The effort and cost involved in developing a studio unit is equivalent to a single or double-bedroom unit. This effort is not easily forthcoming.”