Decorations for celebrations can be thematic and traditional, writes M. Soundariya Preetha

New Year celebration means getting together with friends and family. Decorations for the celebrations need not be just lights, balloons, baubles, festive wreaths, and festoons. The décor can be thematic and traditional.

There are several spaces in the hall or living room that can be accentuated with décor products.

Some of the interior outlets in Coimbatore are expecting the new arrivals for the season this weekend and are having a season sale too. Decorations can be a mix of imported products such as statues, candles, candle stands, vases, cushions, clocks, flowers, photo frames, light shades, and wall hangings. Or, these can be ethnic.

While decorating a room or the house for a specific festival or occasion, it is more about selecting the right products that are available in the market and bringing in the festival spirit, says the president of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers Nitin Saolpurkar.

Unlike permanent décor items that are expensive, customers can go in for products that can be used for just a few months and are not expensive, he says.

With regard to use of colours, red, white and green with gold are the colours that are usually associated with Christmas and New Year in the western countries. In the Indian context, in coastal areas it can be white and blue and in other areas it can be red, blue and green.

Most of the urban houses now have their regular furnishings in pastel colours and ethnic products stand out against this backdrop. These tend to create an element of surprise to the visitors. Hand-crafted small statues and even diyas can be added to light up a corner. Terracotta bells on either side of the door will send out a message of happiness when someone comes to the house. A string of bells, a couple of statues or lamps can be placed on either side of the door or at the centre of the entrance.

A number of tribal products and hand-crafted statues are available in the market and these can be used to decorate the interiors. Flower bouquets, handicrafts and terracotta lamps with candles or electric lights can also be used.

There is a new interest in woven fabrics for cushion covers, curtains, and bedspreads, he adds. Woven materials look elegant, and have an appeal and richness. Though these are available in several colours and designs, simple ones can be purchased.

Winter is the time when plants shed leaves. Yet, little potted plants can add greenery to the decoration.