Exhibit D is an effort to offer customised design services for interior accessories

Gautam Dhawan has a degree in law, but his heart beats for design. Exposed to the creative world of interiors since childhood through his family’s interior design business, Dhawan decided to open his own décor store. The result? Exhibit D, his flagship store at Meherchand Market in New Delhi.

Dhawan’s design studio is an effort to offer customised design services for interior accessories. A variety of flexible and versatile accessories for all kinds of living spaces are available. The products are traditional in approach and contemporary in outlook. The assortment available includes coffee tables, mirrors, planters and lighting solutions. The range is innovative and eclectic – be it the interesting floor and table lamps, pendants, corner installations, mirrors or one-of-a-kind coffee tables. All the pieces are sure-shot conversation starters.

The store, synonymous with innovation, style and glamour, has a subtle and understated look. The walls are done up in an unusual khaki green to highlight the tones used in the pieces. An interactive prospective sketch can be seen on one side of the wall. The wall sketching is angular, incorporating pieces within the sketch, with some quirky elements as well.

Meherchand Market is teeming with décor stores, but what sets Dhawan and his Exhibit D apart from others is the designer’s philosophy. “Exhibit D is an initiative to offer consumers a new and improved choice in interior accessories. It aims to infuse the prevailing modern trends with the romance of classical Europe and India’s royal past,” he says. “We have a showcase of many different materials and finishes. Combining these to create new fresh designs depending on a client’s preference to make a one-off piece is an inspiring challenge,” Dhawan adds.