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Sanjay Puri's design

Indian architectural firm wins in Cannes

Sanjay Puri Architects has won the MIPIM Artchitectural Review Future Project Award for its upcoming project, Mumbai Sky Court »
Arches can be built within the foundation to hold up the whole building. greensense

Adopt an arch

Arches can be built by any mason anywhere, yet why do we ignore this option? »
IGBC is highlighting the fact that it has recently crossed 2 billion sq. ft. of registered green building footprint in India

Green homes are not ‘costly’

India has the second largest IGBC-registered green building footprint in the world, says Syed Beary of IGBC-Bangalore in an interview with Ranjani Govind »
Otto Koenigsberger, the chief architect and Planner of Mysore State between
1939 and 1948.
bangalore, April 11, 2014

The story behind…

Bangalore has seen many transitions, from being a Pensioner’s Paradise to a Garden City and now an IT city. In the process, however, little histories have been either forgotten or lost. Architect a... »
In one of his residence projects which is a tree house, Ravindra has erected the structure using arecanut barks and recycled steel salvaged from railway tracks.
April 4, 2014

Timber house

Dip back into the past when construction methodologies were totally simple, the structures erected with mud, stones and of course, timber. The interiors, not surprisingly, were cool during hot summ... »
Chidambara Vilas, a Chettinadu heritage hotel located in Pudukottai, has been restored by T.M. Cyriac.

Restoring lost splendour

Converting a 110-year-old palatial home into a heritage hotel is not an enviable task, but it is one architect T.M. Cyriac and his team pulled off. And their efforts were rewarded when Cyriac’s fir... »
Creepers cool down the house as they provide a physical block
chennai, March 21, 2014
green signal

The cooling effect

The mango flowers in bloom, the Neem tree in her resplendent glory, and the chirping of the many birds outside my window tell me that summer is here. It brings back fond childhood memories of eatin... »
The bedrooms are designed to overlook the living space and the courtyard.
March 21, 2014

Small site, big spaces

You have expansive plans, and great ideas to implement, but the site available to pack them all is narrow and small. Perhaps some of those dream ideas need to be sacrificed. At least so it seems. O... »
Coloured mixes, frame with handle, stencils, dry mix of cement and sand are assembled
chennai, March 14, 2014

Tailor-made tiles

In Chokkalingampudur, the owner of Athangudi Palace Tiles, G.Subramanian has been making Athangudi tiles for over three decades. De Artisan a team of three conservation architects, Saritha Varadan... » 1 comment
The entrance with the specially crafted stone mural and framed sarees on the ceiling. Photos: K.V. Srinivasan
chennai, February 28, 2014


On the 17th floor of Olympia Sky Villas in Navalur, advocate S.C. Raghuram’s sprawling apartment, with a saleable area of 6,400 sq. ft is an oasis of sorts. Offering stunning views of backwaters wi... »
Lights play an important role in Smitha's designs. Photo: Murali Kumar K.
bangalore, April 9, 2014

Space is her canvas

Smitha Zachariah loves to play with textures, colours and light. Space for her is like a canvas. You guessed right – Smitha is an interior designer. After a course at Shristi School of Desig... »
bangalore, April 4, 2014
green sense

Lintels and ‘overdesigning’

How often do we try discussing with the elderly people at home about getting a building done? The general experience is about the difficulties in forging a dialogue, due to differing construction p... »
Sarthak Sengupta and Sahil Bagga
chennai, March 21, 2014

Designer dudes

New Delhi-based designing duo Sarthak Sengupta and Sahil Bagga have shot into the limelight with vibrant designs that combine style, service and sustainability. The designers came together in Mila... »
The easiest and cheapest way to get natural light into your home is with
windows. Photo: S. Gopakumar
chennai, March 21, 2014

Let there be light

Light is not just about energy. It provides us the means to reveal spaces and volumes and interact with our environment. There is an increasing interest in natural day lighting, a valuable resourc... »
A view of the house with the amphitheatre
chennai, March 14, 2014


The linearity of the plot in the north-south direction sparked off the design of this airy house that largely relies on its own architectural design to stay cool. Srikanth and Gita's home on the E... »
THINK DIFFERENTLY: Old discarded fabrics can be used extensively in interiors without making it appear that they have been deliberately recycled to cut costs
Bangalore, March 7, 2014

Small is charming

Your home is just a miniature space measuring barely 10 ft.x 10 ft. You need to accommodate within this space a living, dining, kitchen and bedroom. Seems practically impossible when contemplated.... »
Bangalore, February 21, 2014

Understanding bamboo

India is the second largest producer of bamboo in the world, next to China. There are 1,750 species grown in the world, as one-fifth of the world population uses bamboo as a construction material t... »