An e-commerce website where you can buy your dream home and everything in it, at the click of a mouse

For anyone looking to buy a home in a different city or country, the opportunity to view the property or interact with the sellers becomes a challenge. To help overcome this is a website that offers a one-stop shop for home buyers online; Apna Ghar. Right from the blueprints to the interiors, this e-commerce portal guides one through the process of buying a dream home.

Apna Ghar, started in 2008, recently went through a revamp and now has over 400 designs to choose from on the website. “Now, the customer and their family can all be involved in the process of designing their home. And all from the convenience of their home,” says Imran Khan of Apna Ghar, “we are hardcore architects and have about 250 professionals who work with us. We also have contractors, painters and others on board.” The websites offers services like floor plan, 2D-3D elevations, structural and surveya; drawings, execution of the home and finalising contractors. “We also have experts in vaasthu, green building, energy-efficient building and so on.”

With associates in various cities, the team, which is based out of Delhi, reaches out to customers looking for homes in all parts of the country. “We also keep in touch with the customer regularly through skype or video conferencing,” he says. They also have offices in four other cities. “If it’s a smaller town, we will personally go there and make sure the client’s requirements are taken care of.”

The website has serviced over 800 clients so far, and not just for within the country but for those from countries like Dubai and Uganda. “Our target audience are tech-savvy customers who are convinced enough to buy property and other dealings online from us,” says Imran. “Traditionally, the customers rely on the architects to design their home but our website puts the power in the customer’s hands.”

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