One will be easily surprised to see the variety of furniture, interiors exhibited at the ongoing Bamboo expo

Planning to embrace eco-friendly hand crafted interiors to furnish your dream home? More inclined towards ‘earthy’ for your living spaces? Are you looking to adopt something very Indian in your living rooms rather than opting for the imported and machine manufactured furniture from China and other countries in South East Asia?

Bamboo furniture expo

Your search should surely end at the ongoing Bamboo exhibition at Malkha showroom, Khadi Building at Masab Tank.

One would be easily surprised by how many varieties of furniture, interiors and structures that can be chiselled out from a simple piece of bamboo. The exhibition throws an entirely different light on bamboo furniture.

The exhibition has a host of options including sofa sets, chairs, tables, dining tables, small chairs for children, paper holders, coffee tables and many more. During the course of the exhibition, Bamboo House India, which is organising the exhibition, is also providing consultation services to raise structures made up of bamboo including pent houses, gazebos, open restaurants and even guest houses.

And the best part of the whole exhibition is that all the furniture and interiors have been hand crafted by the tribal people of North East. Some of the exhibits have also been made by the tribal communities of Adilabad.

“In the last five years, the acceptance levels for bamboo products among public has increased. Bamboos are 100 per cent eco-friendly and our products will only improve the livelihood of tribal people,” said Prashant Lingam of Bamboo House India.

Most of the furniture that is part of the exhibition has been imported from North East parts of our Country. “We do not get this variety of bamboo in Andhra Pradesh. The bamboo itself is from North East States such as Manipur where such bamboo is available. Even the pricing is on par with tradition wood furniture. The bamboo furniture does not require much maintenance and has a lifecycle of 40 to 50 years,” Mr. Prashant said. The exhibition is till August 11. For details: or 2720-7494.