Seems like everything is worked out well for this area, says Goutam Chakraborty

While making a real estate investment, one looks at a host of factors that play an important part in arriving at a decision. Among them, ‘location’ is one of the most important. This holds good whether one is an investor, developer or a home seeker.

Bangalore’s expansion has seen many areas witness rapid exponential growth for a host of reasons. If one were to use the specific attribute of ‘location’, Varthur, located close to Whitefield, would score very high.

Varthur’s biggest advantage is that it is located strategically between the Outer Ring Road and Whitefield, while possessing good access to Sarjapur Road and NH 207, which leads to BIAL. This means that residents can easily reach Whitefield, ITPL and the EPIP zone within 10 to 15 minutes. This also means that shopping, work and leisure are just a stone’s throw away. To top it, all the best schools in Bangalore have set up campuses close by. These by themselves are indications of the intrinsic strength bestowed in this location. Further, a link road via Panathur offers easy access to the Outer Ring Road.

IT professionals would look favourably at these aspects since this is the triangle that houses most IT and ITES firms. Bunch that factor together with proximity to good social infrastructure and you have a winner on hand.

One of the most exciting prospects for Varthur and a perfect game changer for the region is the upcoming infrastructure in the vicinity. Bangalore’s much touted Peripheral Ring Road has been given a green signal by the new government stating that the Electronic City-Whitefield phase would be the first section on which work would start. The PRR will cut straight through Varthur, significantly boosting the access to other South Bangalore regions by considerably lowering the time taken to reach there. The Namma Metro station at Hope Farm a short distance away would also serve as a major plus point.

All these have not gone unnoticed. Many real estate developers looking for a first-mover advantage have initiated projects within the region.

There has been a spate of launches ranging from villa plots and villas to high-rise apartments with exceptionally good demand. Potential home-seekers or investors would do well to keep a sharp eye on offerings within the Varthur region. The myriad factors mentioned above ensures that they would get the optimal appreciation potential.

Pricing in Varthur

Villas – Rs. 6,000- Rs. 8,000 plus per sq. ft; Apartments – Rs. 4,000 per sq. ft.; plots – Rs. 1,500 per sq. ft upwards