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Reuse old coffee mugs, glass bottles and plates to brighten up your décor.
Reuse old coffee mugs, glass bottles and plates to brighten up your décor.

Ideas from the kitchen

Your kitchen is filled with items that can be converted into décor pieces. »
Each of these curious pieces comes to us with a special history.

Vintage makeovers

Connoisseurs of antique furniture speak to Sujatha Shankar Kumar about how to preserve these treasures »

Now, info just a click away

Chennai Corporation becomes the first in India to adopt a dashboard to manage civic issues. Nidhi Adlakha finds out more »
How do low-rise houses compare with high-rise single blocks?
February 20, 2015

Is high-rise a solution?

From full-page newspaper advertisements to huge hoardings along city roads, grand visions of high-rise apartments are popping out, enticing us to buy one today itself. Additionally, the catchy slog... »
February 20, 2015

Put on an accent

An accent wall is a dominant design choice that breaks up the traditional idea of décor and completely overhauls the proportion, look and scale of a room. Essentially, it’s a tool designed to creat... »
WAVE OF DESIGN Do up your home with ropes, lanterns and candy stripes.
January 30, 2015

For a nautical touch

The nautical look may often appear unstructured and informal, but it’s a classic aesthetic that can add elegance to your home. Nautical décor has much in common with shabby chic décor, which... »
February 20, 2015

Floor your guests

Floor level decor not only adds an interesting dimension to rooms but makes the most of space. “Low seating is something Indians are used to, as sitting on the floor is part of our tradition,” says... »
February 6, 2015

Fun with fabrics

Be it apparel, home linen or furnishings, the three-dimensional quality of fabrics and their tactile nature ensures that they add romance, colour and style to any room. We tell you how to upcycle... »