The Cotahs' swanky, third-floor apartment in Poes Garden reflects an elegant, modern design with a personalised focus

Location: Poes Garden

Architect: Sriram Ganapathi

Interior Designers: In-house (Sowmya and Vikram Cotah)

It's a study in geometry: a harmonious blend of straight lines and curves. This swanky third-floor flat is themed round an open design scheme. There is a sense of linearity through the entire design, with longitudinal pergolas on the corridor roof, sweeping rectangular windows, lengthy window ledges intelligently cushioned to make for additional seating space, and some sleek, straight line furniture. Curves come in the form of the flowing, chrome-plated light fittings, the abstract and curving POP mural on the far wall and in the patterns on the window draping and upholstery.

The house reflects contemporary elegance all the way, with each room marked by a personalized focal point, reflecting the Cotah family's life and style, rather than the dictates of current fashion. For instance, the formal living room is set off by an open bar cabinet that displays Vikram's collection of quaint wine glasses from his travels around the world. The living areas are colour coded — black and white for the living rooms, aqua green and white for the open kitchen, demarcated from the dining area by a handy breakfast counter, lavender and blue for the bedrooms, and poppy pink for daughter Ramya's room.

Light is an essential part of the house's style quotient. Natural light is employed as in the pergolas, which diffuse the light falling on the skylight overhead. The house is awash with strategic light fixtures — spotlights for the abstract wall mural, inlaid lighting for the corridor walls and stage lighting for the dining area. Particularly spectacular are the effects of the hidden lights beneath the onyx slabs that line the linear staircase leading up from the living room to the private terrace.

Sowmya Cotah is an interior designer, and planned the interior along with husband Vikram. “We wanted a contemporary space, but above all, we wanted it to be personalized — after all, it is home,” say the couple.

USP: Design integrity, exquisitely set off by personal memorabilia.