Master strokes

Compilation of 30 humorous articles on subjects such as sports, politics, and history from a master of satire. Njaaninmel Kali, VKN, Rs. 80

For copies: Mathrubhumi Books


The novel revolves around the judicial system, its traps and knots. The magistrate, clerk, peon, the accused and the defendant end up as victims, all caught in a legal maze.

Aakaashamoksha- thinte Vaathil, Sebastian Pallithodu, Rs. 90

Amazing facts

The author details amusing self-defence techniques used by animals. Learn more about their ‘language’, ‘music’, survival tactics and so on.

Avarkkum Adavariyam, R. Gopalakrishnan, Rs. 50

Sports for you

A ‘how to’ guide for wannabe sportsmen.

Ningalkkumaakaam Sports Thaaram, Sanil P. Thomas, Rs. 75

Her story

The story of Janaki who fights for survival in the small world that is Chithirapuram.

Chithirapurathe Janaki, Ushakumari, Rs. 150

Traditional art

Handbook on Aksharashlokam, for both beginners and ardent fans of the art of chanting verses. The authors have compiled many poems and it also has an introduction on rules pertaining to reciting the verses.

Aksharashloka Paadavali, compiled by K. N. Viswanathan Nair, Souma Thamarassery, Rs. 195

For copies: DC Books

With devotion

The author, an expert in Sasthampattu, writes about the myth and history related to Lord Ayyappa and Vaavar. He has compiled Ayyappanpattu and rituals related to it, besides select songs on Ayyappa and Vaavar.

Sabarimala Maahatmyam, compiled by Balakrishnan Eravimangalam, Rs. 20

Nostalgic trip

The autobiographical novel goes through the author’s childhood and recreates the simplicity and beauty of his roots.

Thirichozhukaatha Puzha, Abdulla Periyathodi, Rs. 120

For copies: Voice Publications