United Visuals' ‘Re(a)el Comedy' is a play where content upstages the form and performance takes the centrestage

The play revolves around a couple aspiring to own a house and the hardship they face in achieving their goal. It opens on a jolly note with the protagonist Boomi's penchant for dumping branded products at home and his ever criticising wife Patta poking fun at him.

From comedy, the play gradually turns emotional at the end when the couple gets cheated by the real estate agent. But all's well that ends well.

The benevolence of the original owner of the land helps the couple to get back their dream house, a typical case where ‘trespasser becomes the owner', as Boomi puts in.

Termed as a purposeful comedy, the drama does not deviate from its focal point. Highlighting how gullible the middle class is, the play rings the warning bell alerting people against falling prey to attractive offers.

Dramatised with right mixture of comedy and sentiment, the performers easily connected with the audience. Sprinkled with out-of-the-box explanation to N.O.C. (no objection certificate) as ‘Nothing Other than Corruption', the witty dialogues received thunderous applause from the audience.

TV Varadharajen, popular actor and television news reader, captivated the audience with his exemplary performance as Boomi. Not to be missed is the performance of Usha donning the role of Patta. The couple grabbed the attention with their precise presentation.

Ravikumar as maistry (stone mason) deserves appreciation for his crisp dialogue delivery.

The director ‘Vedham Puthithu' K. Kannan has to be commended for his impressive dialogues.

The drama is basically a comedy in conventional terms with a message for the audience. “I strongly believe in plays with a central theme carrying message for the audience. My guru K. Balachander also used to emphasise on this,” said Varadharajen, crediting the play's success to his crew.

“I generally say that behind every successful stage production there is a strong theme and a supportive team,” he added.

His ongoing play is ‘Neradi Oliparappu'.

Keywords: Re(a)el Comedy