A play that raised questions on the present day society and its ills. Udaan Arts and Education Academy presented Nithalle a Hindi play at the Potti Sriramlu University auditorium. Written by Rekha Saxena Vasudev, and directed by Saurabh Gharipurikar, the play Nithalle (A person who has no work and is free all the time) is a symbol or represents the common man of India.

Raising many issues

The play is about an unemployed girl and a boy who seeks answers for various questions.

His questions mostly revolve around the day to day happenings in our country. He talks about issues like social status, problems arising out of unemployment, dowry deaths, corrupt system, politicians and exploitation of poor by the rich and unscrupulous politicians.

The inner voice of the two characters formed the theme of the play supported by four other characters.

The characters come on stage singing most of the well known patriotic songs. The play asked lot of questions on the prevalant systems in our country.

It talked about education, social and economic conditions and also whether we are proud of achieving freedom.

The play took pot shots at politicians, recent mishaps like the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Hyderabad blasts and the media rat race when such incidents occur.

The play did drag at many places as the play was more dialogue oriented than action.

The dialogues lost some of their punch as they seemed monotonous. The characters played their parts well with Suraj as one of the four suthradhars outshining others with his acting.

Tanvi Deshpande and Rupesh Kalantri showed good timing and portrayed ‘Nithalle’ and ‘Nithalli’ characters well.

The others who supported them were Shashank, Suraj, Ashutosh and Mrunal.

Music was put together by Parag Sathe.