‘Success’ explores the cost of success. The play follows 70 minutes of real time in the life of a highly successful American advertising executive named Rick Sterling, whose company has helped elect the President of the United States. It examines the public and private definitions of success and the costs of its pursuit. ‘Success’ set a new box-office record when it premiered in Milwaukee in 1991 and has been rewritten to keep up with the times.

As the play begins, it’s another high-pressure day. Through intermittent phone calls with his wife and son we understand that Rick’s family life is in some turmoil. Also, the President expects Rick to help with his upcoming reelection campaign, but Rick is not sure he will do it.

Rick receives visitors – a friend who is a high-profile lawyer, an Egyptian woman who wants to run for her country’s presidency, and finally a young Indian woman who works for his company. In between these visits are phone calls, the last to his partner about what to do. The play ends with Rick poised on the brink of a decision, weighing and feeling the various costs of his life and commitment to success.

Theatre MXT (USA)

Directed by: Edward Morgan

Playwright: John Kishline

Language: English

Date: August 20

Duration: 75 Minutes

About the group:

Theatre MXT is a new company. John Kishline and Deborah Clifton were members of Theatre X, an award-winning experimental theatre ensemble that gained international attention for it’s original plays and toured America, Europe and Asia. Edward Morgan is an award-winning director, playwright, actor and teacher who has worked across the USA and in Latin America.

Directors quote:

I think of this as a chamber play, a window of hyperrealism allowing us to peer into the world of a man who’s paying the cost of success - Edward Morgan

The play is staged at the festival with the support of the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai.


John Kishline

Edward Morgan

Deborah Clifton

Kriti Pant


Stage Manager: Sam Kishline


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