MetroPlus Theatre Fest: Watch 'Some Times' by Akvarious Productions in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad on August 4, August 17, August 18 & August 25

With a hero whose nightlife would put Batman to shame, a mother who wants grandchildren, a father who insists he joins the family business, a boss who wants too much but pays too little and a girlfriend who wants commitment Paramjit Singh Duggal a.k.a. Pammi a.k.a. Doggie a.k.a. Parmeetay has a lot of problems to focus on rather than his various albeit crazy pet names.

Adding some “top class weed and a whiskey-affinity”, this play is all set to keep the audience in splits.

Akvarious Productions

Directed by: Adhaar Khurana

Playwright: Adhir Bhat & Bobby Nagra

Language: English (with a little Hindi)

Date: August 4 (Kochi), August 17 (Chennai), August 18 (Bangalore) and August 25 (Hyderabad)

Duration: 80 minutes

Time: 7.30 p.m. onwards


Kochi - J.T. Performing Arts Center

Chennai - Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall

Bangalore - Chowdiah Memorial Hall

Hyderabad - Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium

For the detailed schedule of MPTF 2013 in all five cities, click here.

Age: 16 and above

About the group:

In the last 13 years, Akvarious Productions has staged over 40 plays covering a wide range of genres and languages, of which five have been nominated for the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards and two, have won the award for Best Play. This is Akvarious Productions’ third time at MPTF.

Director's quote:

‘Some Times’ is a light-hearted peek into the life of today’s urban youth. The content is very easy to relate to. Like in other cities where it was performed, I’m hoping the play will have the MPTF audiences in splits, yet provide for some introspection.


Abir Abrar

Adhir Bhat

Dilshad Edibam

Rahil Gilani

Adhaar Khurana

Karan Pandit

Sarang Sathaye

Chaitnya Sharma

Kashin Shetty

Shikha Talsania

Shruti Vyas


Light Design and Execution: Akarsh Khurana

Sound Operation: Dilshad Edibam / Adhaar Khurana


Price: Rs. 300, Rs. 200 & Rs. 100. Season passes at Rs. 750 & Rs. 500 (Kochi)

Rs. 600, Rs. 350 & Rs. 200. Season passes at Rs. 3,000 & Rs. 1,750 (Chennai)

Rs. 300, Rs. 200 & Rs. 100. Season passes at Rs. 750 & Rs. 500 (Bangalore)

Rs. 300, Rs. 200 & Rs. 100. Season passes at Rs. 750 & Rs. 500 (Hyderabad)

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