Review of a play that is different right from the beginning

What happens when six friends hop onto a local train to commute? Besides cribbing about the lack of seats they also make a quick analysis of the co-passengers. After having done thus, they see that they still need to spend a few more hours in the train, and the sights, smells and flavours of the train and platform inspires them to make use of their senses and script some impromptu stories.

Thus forms the plot of 6, an original play by Dramanon, dramatist anonymous. The friends keep the rules simple –– one being characters are to be chosen from amongst the co-passengers, of whom a few are named weirdo, beautiful girl, man in coat, girl in sari, etc.

The playlets are titled Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, Sound and The Sixth Sense. Touch appeared very simple but finally as the story unfolded it kept the audience wondering about ‘what happens finally.' Was the boy really blind? Did he really make that huge sacrifice for a girl he saw walk with a stick into the blind school? The story focussed on details we sometimes tend to miss. It had some light moments as well.

Smell appeared to be inspired by Chetan Bhagat's latest book Two States… but in reality it was not. Smell is about two couples who marry into different communities. After a long gap the two friends meet in a urinal. The two friends frequently meet over drinks until they discover that both are missing their own original selves.

The other plays Sight, Taste, Sound and The Sixth Sense too handled some issues that we normally tend to ignore.