The four-day-long All India Theatre festival held by Abhinaya was an eye-opener revealing how other language plays are designed to win audience with commitment in choosing themes and coming out with forceful productions. Here was another excellent production by a Manipuri team of artistes, titled ‘Kumudini’, staged at Ravindra Bharati. It was the last play of the festival. Despite the inability to understand their language, the audience was totally immersed, following thematic substance. The subjects they choose were quite novel and experimental too.

The play ‘Kumudini’, produced by Banian Repertory Theatre, is vested with historical element that belonged to North East.

The underpinning factor was the quest for understanding contemporary Manipuri women, a common factor all over India. The play dealt with insurgency.

M.C. Thoiba who was actively involved in theatre movement handled this production with utmost care. Crowd scenes, rebellions were well handled. M.C. Arun wrote the script. Luvangleima, Tiken and Phajaton in the lead roles charmed the audience with their measured performances. Ramesh Chandra and Shatananda left their mark too.