RANG, a festival of theatre, photography and short films, to unveil in New Delhi next week

A visual extravaganza awaits those who have a penchant for art as New Delhi-based FTS (The Films & Theatre Society) brings the second edition of its annual arts festival ‘RANG’. The nine-day long festival will commence on July 21 with dedicated events for theatre, photography and short films.Six theatrical productions of the Society will be staged at multiple venues like Alliance Francaise, Sri Ram Centre and LTG Auditorium in the city.

Among the titles in this year’s exposition will be “Arjun ka Beta” (A poetic rendition of Abhimnayu’s bravado with epic’s characters in the backdrop), “Jamuna” (Story of a family in Lahore in the backdrop of struggle for freedom and Partition), “Koobar aur Kaaki” (Based on Premchand and Bharti's stories, a social commentary on the human behaviour), “Living In” (Revolves around three lives with each one of them holding on to a different meaning for this one word ‘Love’), “Animal Farm” (An adaptation of George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm set in a “Beehar” in India) and “Bade Shehar Ke Log” ( The play tries to bring out the struggle of a man coming from a small village to a big city of dreams).

The photography competition, “Shutter’s Creed”, will be held from July 21-25, whereas “Cinesthasia”, the short film competition, will be held on July 23.

Atul Satya Kaushik, Director, FTS, feels that the addition of photography and short film competition to this year’s festival would help in promoting other art forms along with theatre.

“Rang is a platform for people like us who aren’t big names; we are just striving for a platform for recognition and success. That is how it helps,” says Zain Anwar, a participating artist.

FTS is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2009.

The festival tickets are priced at Rs. 50, 100 and 200.