A mythological tale ‘Meenakshi Charitam' was portrayed through dance.

Meenakshi Charitam, a dance drama, was presented as its monthly cultural programme by ‘Abhiruchi', a literary and cultural body in Vijayawada, at Sri Sivaramakrishna Kshetram. The impressive dance drama was written and choreographed by Suravarapu Ramesh Babu who is a well known choreographer and a staffer of Kaladarshini, an off shoot of Andhra Loyola College. The dance drama produced by Adarsha Samskritika Kala Niketan was efficiently directed by Ramavani. The story is about the Pandya Raja who is worried when Akashavani predicts that his daughter Meenakshi would be born with three eyes; but the third eye would vanish when she sees the particular person who would become her husband. The Akashvani also advises the king to get his daughter trained in warfare. After becoming a valorous young woman she declares a war on Kailasam, the abode of Lord Siva. There as soon as Meenakshi sees Lord Siva in the incarnation of Sundareswara, her third eye disappears. She falls in love with Sundereswara and a divine wedding takes place. On earth Meenakshi becomes a carnivorous night prowler and during the nights she starts eating people. The Sankaracharya appears and pacifies Meenakshi. The famous temple of Meenakshi and Sundareswara becomes a great shrine.

This Sthala Puram of the great temple was beautifully unfolded by the talented dancers. The main characters were finely played by Ramesh Babu (Siva), Tejaswini (Sundereswara), Yasaswini (Meenakshi), Satyanarayana Reddy (Pandya Raja), China Prasad (Upasaka) and Dilip (Sankaracharya).

Other roles were played by Anusha, Sai Priyanka, Susmita, Lavanya, Teesha, Sanjana, Sameera, Pallavi, Laya, Ramya, Lolitha and Rohita.