Wanted Volunteers for The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest coming soon to Coimbatore

Here's your chance to volunteer for The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Festival, 2010. India's biggest theatre festival is here for its first Coimbatore edition and we're looking for some working hands and willing minds to join.

If you've ever been fascinated by the magic of the stage or are itching to work in a spirited group, build a sense of theatre and management or just want to do something different and, most important, HAVE FUN — trust us, this is the place to be. The Hindu MetroPlus theatre fest, managed by Evam is scheduled to start on the first weekend of December and we are hiring now! We want energetic, enthusiastic, creative youngsters with time on their hands to help us run the festival. A whole month's worth of work and experience goes into the festival. You will get to be involved in marketing, ticketing, designing, production, decors, online media and various other aspects that are an integral part of the fest. The fest is a four-day event with some of the biggest names in the Indian theatre circuit.

If you are interested in some event management and creative experience, or looking to earn a bit or watch some great theatre, contact us now!

Come, help out and have fun. Recruitments are on.

To confirm your participation, email us at mptfest@gmail.com or call us at 0-9940438669/