The chauvinistic comedy managed to entertain with good performances by the actors.

A healthy marital relationship means mutual respect with no ego issues at any level. However, in the male chauvinistic set up, it creates a mindset that looks down upon women. Even women’s feelings become a butt of jokes. So it was with the theme of Addaniki Atu Itu — a playlet that sought to weave fun and comedy basing on the possessive feelings of an otherwise innocent middle-class homemaker .

Subbalakshmi, a middle class homemaker, has great affection for things brought from her maternal home. It is no different with an old mirror in artistic frame, which she had got from her maternal aunt. Despite her husband Abbunadam’s opposition, she sets it up on a table in the hall. She spends a lot of her leisure time looking in the mirror.

Once, she chances to see the reflection of a domestic squabble of a couple in the house opposite to hers. She shares the information with her neighbour and the news spreads like wildfire around the colony. When she is told it is impolite to pry into others affairs, she replies that she was not looking through their keyhole but only in her own mirror.

On another occasion, she finds her hubby constantly gazing at the mirror and when she realises that it was a voyeuristic act, she immediately throws the mirror on to the attic.

Seasoned Sivajyothi displayed flashes of remarkable histrionics as Subbalakshmi. S.V.L.N. Prasad’s portrayal of Abbunadam adopted the comic body language of noted comedian late Rajubabu, sans his ease. Kommu Rajkumar, S. Venkatrao and K. V. N. Achari were also in the cast. Artistes of Sai Sneha Creations who staged a couple of playlets at Kalabharati Visakhapatnam, also staged ‘Naluguru Navvipodurugaka’.

While S.V.L.N. Prasad directed both the performances, Dwibhashyam Rajeswararao scripted the former while Surya Prakash Karri penned the latter. Visakha Music and Dance Academy featured the festival as part of its monthly schedule.