Catch the screening of your favourite play at your local theatre even as it plays live in another location across the world.

Gone are the days when one had to wait for those coveted annual overseas vacations to catch an international theatre production. Now, technology has made it possible to bring these plays beyond borders in the virtual way.

Instead of waiting for the troupe to come down or jostling to catch the play when performed abroad, you can catch a ‘screening’ of the play at a local theatre as it is performed in its original location.

Yes, you read that right: a ‘screening’. NCPA Mumbai has pioneered this unique concept in India and is now embarking on the new season of ‘National Theatre Live (NT Live) London’ with the screening of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A first-time theatrical adaptation of Mark Haddon’s celebrated novel, the play is about a dead dog and 15-year old Christopher, who sets out to solve the mystery and unwittingly embarks on a frightening journey that turn his world upside down.

Asked why NCPA introduced this unique concept of ‘screening’ a play in India, Deepa Gahlot — Head, Programming for Theatre & Film, NCPA — explains “Indians are avid theatre lovers and with the world becoming a global village, audiences crave for global theatre productions. However, it is not always possible for production houses to have the troupe going around the world. In such a case, technology lends a big helping hand. The possibility of enjoying the play on screen, as it is being played live in the original location is an interesting and convenient option for theatre lovers. Thus we decided to screen The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which has been adapted beautifully from a very popular book.”

Quiz her about whether the experience of watching a play ‘live’ — with the action-reaction between the actors and audience — is diminished by a screening, and Deepa says, “Not really. In this case the screening in India does not coincide with the actual live performance in London due to the time difference. What we’ll see here is the screening of a play as it was filmed ‘live’ in London. So we do get to savour the action-reactions between the actors and the audience there. Also, social media plays a pertinent role where with a member of the audience tweeting or pinging the actors as they watch the play. So it is a virtually interactive experience; one that is new for us but it’s been getting a fabulous response so far.”

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Where: Dance Theatre Godrej, NCPA, Mumbai

When: September 23 @ 3.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m. September 24 and 25 @ 7.00 p.m.