‘Keechakavadham' narrates the story of Keechaka's fall.

Irayimman Thampi's ‘Keechakavadham' Kathakali, narrates an episode from the Mahabharata when the Pandavas were living in disguise. Kalamandalam Soman and Kalamandalam Vijayakumar donned the roles of Keechaka and Sairandhri.

Vijayakumar's portrayal depicted the predicament of Sairandhri who is forced to fend for herself despite being married to five husbands who are renowned warriors. Soman effortlessly etched the headstrong, vain Keechaka who single-mindedly pursues his sister' Sudeshna's maid Sairandhri.

The padam ‘Malini ruchiragunasalini' established the mental make-up of his character.

Sudeshna was enacted by Kalanilayam Vinod. Vinod ably brought out the dilemma of his character who is forced to choose between her brother and her maid.

The third scene of the play, which is enacted in Keechaka's bed chamber, had plenty of drama.

Through the padam ‘Harinakshijana maulimane' Keechaka tries to woo Sairandhri who spurns his advances.

A perfect foil

Vijayakumar's performance was a perfect foil to Soman's depiction of Keechaka.

Margi Balasubramanian's Valalan appeared to be someone who was waiting for a good fight, as though he was expecting something that would help him stretch his muscles. He was brusque in his actions and in the last scene kills Keechaka.

Kottakkal Madhu's rendering of the padams was complemented by Kalanilayam Rajeevan. Kalamandalam Krishnadas on the chenda and Margi Raveendran on the maddalam modulated the tempo of the scenes, particularly of those between Keechaka and Sairandhri. The play was organised by Drisyavedi, Thiruvananthapuram.