‘Kuchelavritam’ is an ode to companionship.

Muringoor Sankaranpotty’s popular Kathakali play ‘Kuchelavritam’ is based on the story from ‘Bhagavata Dasamaskanda’. The playwright enriched the play with his skilful theatrical treatment and melodious verses vibrant with emotions. This play was staged at Parakkadavu, near Aluva.

The story narrates the meeting between Kuchela and Lord Krishna, Kuchela’s friend from his Gurukulam days.

Years after they leave the Gurukulam, the impoverished Kuchela pays a visit to Dwarka to meet Krishna and seek the Lord’s help to remove his poverty. All that he has brought for his friend is a handful of aval (beaten rice). Not only does Kuchela get a warm welcome at Dwaraka, but also riches that Krishna bestows on him even without Kuchela uttering a word.

Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody (Kuchela), Ettumanoor Kannan (Krishna) and Haripriya Namboodiri (Rukmini) were the main actors.

Vasu Pisharody and his two disciples vividly delineated the nuances of the play. Kuchela’s dilemma when Krishna rushes to welcome him, his embarrassment when the packet of aval is eagerly snatched away by Krishna and so on were evocatively portrayed by the veteran.

Ettumanoor Kannan came good in his role of Krishna, both as the friend in need and the Lord of Dwaraka.

Haripriya Namboodiri made her role of Rukmini unforgettable with skill and poise.

Padams such as ‘Danavari Mukundane’, ‘Kalayami sumathe’, ‘Ajithahare jaya’ and ‘Pushkara vilochana’ were a sumptuous aural treat. Ragas such as Punnagavarali, Sankarabharanam, Sreeragam, Thodi, Kurinji and Surutty found full-fledged expressions in the rendering of Kalamandalam Babu Namboodiri and Suhas Kalathimekkad.

Kalamandalam Harish and Kalamandalam Manoj played the chenda and the maddalam, respectively.

The play was organised under the aegis of Natyadharmy, Parakkadavu and Poonilakkavu Bhagavathy Temple.