August 6 - It’s physical theatre. It’s non-verbal. It’s dance. It’s comedy. It’s gymnastics. It’s a longing for freedom.

Break Out: Extreme Dance Comedy

Sevensense and Yegam Theatre Company (Korea)

Venue: Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall

Time: 7.15 p.m.

Directed by: Sang-Hoon Lim, Seung-Youl Lee

Created by: The Sevensense Creative Team

Duration: 75 minutes

Kyung-Hun Kim (Producer) says:Break Out’ mixes the hottest street dance moves with eye-popping gymnastics and a comic spectacle. Have a fun-packed, mad-cap night.

It’s physical theatre. It’s non-verbal. It’s dance. It’s comedy. It’s gymnastics. It’s a longing for freedom. It’s pure entertainment. ‘Break Out’ is the story of five prisoners who are clumsy but lovely. Theirs is a monotonous life of daily routines, but they rarely lose their sense of humour. Their boring days totally change when a sacred text drops into the prison. The mysterious book inspires them and they begin to long for their freedom. One stormy night, the prisoners break out of jail and enjoy a brief moment of freedom but they are hotly pursued. Running in search of freedom, they accidentally jump into a hospital and a church. With the power of the sacred text, their escape turns into an awesome adventure. ‘Break Out’ showcases Korea’s top B-boys with a wealth of dance awards to their credit.

Premiering at Peacock Theatre in the West End, the production has won rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The production has since had a three-month run off Broadway and has toured China, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok to critical acclaim.

‘Break Out’ is co-produced by Sevensense and Yegam Theatre Company. The performance is presented by InKo Centre and Show & Arts Inc. with support from the Korea Tourism Organisation.

Sevensense Inc is a professional theatre company that focusses on producing performances that contribute to globalising the performing arts from Korea. Yegam Theatre Company is internationally acclaimed for presenting exceptional comic martial arts performances and is one of the first production companies in Korea to specialise in non-verbal live performances. Yegam is world renowned for its Broadway and West End hit ‘Jump’.


Grey: Hyuk Son

Lump: Jae-Hong Park

Joker: Byung-Gun Kim

Tricky: Yong-Chan An

Dandy: Ki-Bum Pyun

Gundog: Min-Chul Jo

Swat: Ki-Bum Yun

Beautiful Women: Ji-Hye Kang, Hyo-Sun Kim, Min-Hee Namgung


Executive Producer Kyung-Hun Kim

General Manager Min-Seob Kim

Artistic Director Won-Kil Pack

Composer Sang-Ku Kang, Uk-Hyun Lee

Set Design Tae-Young Kim

Lighting Design Won-Sub Chang

Props Design Hee-Jung Lim

Costume Design Hee-Ju Kim

Make Up Design Mi-Sook Kim

Visual Arts Designer Se-Jin Han

Art Work Designer Chan-Il Park

Stage Manager Seok-Hyun Yoon

Lighting Operator Sun-Ju Jung

Sound Operator Mi-Ree Park

Company Manager Lucia Han

Production Manager Mun-Chan An