Everyone thinks about the common man but nothing is done for him in reality.

Nishumbita presented a street play titled Aam Aadmi in Hindi and Telugu on the occasion of World Theatre Day. Directed by Rammohan Holagundi the street play was an attempt to bring awareness among the people of the society about the common man and his struggle. The concept of the street play is to make the play accessible to everyone. They performed the play in various streets and malls over a couple of days. The celebration to World Theatre day began on March 26 with a performance for the inmates of Cherlapalli Central Jail in collaboration with Stars—an NGO.

The play revolves around the use of word ‘aam admi' or the common man. Everyone from politicians to bureaucrats seems to be fighting for the common man and the question the play raises is —‘is the ‘common man' free from the clutches of Inflation (price rise), poverty, sanitary problems, health related problems, education, and finally are they not a victim of corruption?' The play started with a Aam admi Zindabad!, SamanyaduWare Wah, Jiye ga bhai jiye ga Aam Admi Jiye ga, Bolo Pal Pal marthe marthe jeene wale Aam admi ki, Jai, this was followed by a song on haves and have-nots and the struggles of the common. The play also equates the state of the common man with uncared for animals. A pet dog growls and shows his on his rude owner but the Aam admi is not so lucky. Another scene enacted to show the plight of the common man was that of agitations, strikes, bandhs which are never ending and the worst affected is none other than common man.

The crowd loved this piece as most of them connected to such incidents. Songs and dances and easily graspable dialogues made the play a good watch. For music there was the dappu and that made all the difference.