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A scene from
Special Arrangement A scene from "If These Spasms Could Speak".

The power of one

Going Solo, India’s only international theatre festival of solo acts, crafts a neat balance between purpose and execution »
A scene from the play

Here and now

Raj Narain Dixit’s “Isi Din Isi Waqt” captures the crippling desire of the middle class to rise up the socio-economic ladder. »
A scene from the play 'Natasamrat'

Of parental bonding and emotional connect

Natasamrat, primarily a Marathi play, written by V.V Shirwadkar, translated into Hindi by R.S. Kelkar was staged for the third time in a short span of two months at the Telugu University auditoriu... »
Theatre practitioner Ashvin Gidwani, known for giving a fillip to commercial theatre
October 17, 2014

Rooting for commercialisation

Theatre practitioner Ashvin Gidwani, known for giving a fillip to commercial theatre, says he is deeply concerned with the fact that there is no system in place to ensure that budding artists get a... »
A scene from the play
October 17, 2014

Crests and troughs

Like most art forms in the country, Urdu theatre has roots that run deep and strong, making digging into its past both difficult and incredibly rewarding. It churns up unexpected names and surpris... »
Thespian Madavoor Vasudevan Nair as Bana in the play 'Banayudham'
Thiruvananthapuram, October 16, 2014

Tale of love and war

‘Banayudham’, written by Balakavi Rama Sasthrikal, is a brilliant play in Kathakali set to Thekkanchitta (Kaplingadan style). The structured pakrannattam (an actor portraying other characte... »
Jaye Griffiths performs Don’t wake me.
October 15, 2014

The power of one

In the second International theatre festival, Going Solo, Teamwork Arts presents solo acts that have featured in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival including Don't Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstr... »
October 14, 2014

Raising a toast

Bangalore has always been a potpourri of a range of lifestyles and diverse cultural amalgamations. But the one thing that makes the city special is its ability to bring people together, despite the... »
Scene from the play
October 9, 2014

A battle of survival

India is one of the richest countries in the world to have myriad forms of folk theatreand visual arts, a product of socio-historic and economic forces, reflecting the collective wisdom of the pe... »
A scene from a social drama 'Maaku o rojundi'. Photo:C.V.Subrahmanyam
October 9, 2014

Of tigers, language and ethics

A three-day Akkineni Natakotsavam saw an enthusiastic participation of different troupes at Kalabharati Visakhapatnam. Most of the plays sought to weave drama against the backdrop of middle class i... »
Omchery N. N. Pillai
Thiruvananthapuram, October 9, 2014

Behind the headlines

Over six decades ago when a collegian from the University College staged his play ‘Notice Venam’ at VJT Hall in Thiruvananthapuram, neither he nor those who acted in it would have imagined that... »
October 1, 2014

Hazards of a work place

A play reflecting the insecurity of young professionals in their work place was enacted in the city recently. Titled Is Kambakkht Sathe Ka Kya Karen, the Hindi translation and adaptation by... »
Members of Burma Bazaar Conspiracy. Photo: R. Ravindran
September 26, 2014

When they make you sit-up

Bhargav Ramakrishnan talks about being fat. S. Aravind talks about being single. Suraj Sethu talks about being a Malayali. And the audience is in splits. Meet Chennai’s stand-up comics, who get on... »

Between the state of mind and the heart of the State

When content reigns supreme

The innovation stage

Stage matters

Tale of valour

A family in art surges ahead

They take theatre to the audience, unannounced

Murder, she wrote

A promise unfulfilled

A story being told in the Dastangoi style at a performance at The Attic in New Delhi on Tuesday evening. Photo Jaideep Deo Bhanj
October 17, 2014

Catching them young

“Children are the most challenging as well as the most rewarding audience. They are difficult to draw in, but once they are drawn in the warmth they give you is of a different order,” says writer,... »
Called “Dushamukha in Delhi 6”, the performative walk had a dialogue between Sita and Ravan staged inside a haveli.
October 17, 2014

Piecing together stories

Exploring little known stories of the past is Darwesh that achieves it through walks in spaces abuzz with history. There are numerous outfits that conduct walks, but how Darwesh does it differently... »
MUSIC, DANCE, SLAPSTICK And a little bit of the magic
October 15, 2014

Humane, humorous, heartfelt

When Nilanjan Choudhury read Badal Sircar’s Bogola Charit Manas, he realised it was ‘a hidden gem, crying out to be staged’. “The play explores deep-rooted human frailties like the fear of f... »
At home on stage: participants at the inter-school theatre competition. Photo: M. Periasamy
COIMBATORE, October 14, 2014

More than just playacting

Clara Christhudas is a student of Perks School. She is convinced that the future of theatre lies in the hands of the youth. But, for this, theatre must break free from the shackles of its conventi... »
Atul Kumar
October 9, 2014

Stage is his sustenance

Theatre director and actor Atul Kumar runs ‘The Company Theatre’, an acclaimed Mumbai-based ensemble, which completed two decades of pioneering work this past year. One of the biggest names in the... »
Scene from the play
October 9, 2014

Play Time: Tales from the east

Calcutta has never run short of paeans, sung in praise and awe, tinged with nostalgia and filled with memories. Mad About Drama (M.A.D.), a theatre group from the city, recently brought their own t... »
Babli Yadav
October 9, 2014

Insightful monologues

Sutradhar presented Ismat – Ek Aurat — a collage of Ismat Chugtai’s three short works directed by Vinay Varma at lamakaan recently. Ismat Chughtai, the author of the short stories was a feminist b... »
FANTASTIC DISPLAY Of powerhouse acting
October 6, 2014

Relationships and more…

Like sitting through to the end of a film’s credits, walking in early for a play has its benefits. Anuj Gurwara sat on a commode in the centre of the stage, firmly turning his back to the audience.... »
TALE WELL TOLD The students of WCC take centre stage
September 30, 2014

Beyond boundaries

Stories have always been a reflection of life, a concentration of those ideals and values that define us and are at some level a microcosm of the worlds we know and want to know. The aural traditi... »
Jaye Griffith
September 26, 2014

Single on stage

Once again, Teamwork's Going Solo is ready with a line up and a schedule. Bringing international one-man acts to four cities across the country, India's only international solo theatre festival has... »

Dialogues on compassion

Filmy fundas unravelled

Just dream on…

When the Mask becomes the Man

Passed with flying colours

Satire in the tea cup

On a Hindi path

Of filial responsibilities