Astrological predictions are meant to push you to be creative and productive, says Susan Miller in this talk.

She is one with a great web presence and not surprisingly, because statistics says 40 to 45 per cent of her readers are American while the rest are scattered all over the globe, 15 per cent being in India. She is none other than Susan Miller, the astrologer, who reaches over 6 million readers with at least 150,000 followers on Twitter through her predictions.

“I studied astrology in my teenage years, between 14 and 17, when I was going through a very difficult period. I was born with a birth defect and it was so complicated that I could not walk or leave the bed and I had braces up to my hip…I never went to High School because I had to go to hospital every day. When I was 14 I asked my mother to teach me astrology. But she said no. Then I asked again and she told me that I would have to study it for 12 years, not tell a soul I am doing it and not read a chart without her supervision…I never told any one…it was a secret.”

Like all secrets, this one too spilled, but not before Miller went to the business school in NYU and opened her own business by becoming the agent for commercial photographers.

“One day,” says Miller she was reading the charts of her creative director and creative writing director, “…creative people love astrology…it shows them what they can aim for, it is not a destination…the creative director wanted me to meet his wife, Jackie…she was the fairy godmother in my life…she quietly re arranged all the furniture in my life…,” says Miller.

It was Jackie who called her one day, “… when I was stirring sphagetti sauce to tell me, ‘I got you the book…it is a little book…you’re going to work with me and an illustrator…you only have 4 months to write it.’ …It did so well…in the spring of 1995 Jackie got me an appointment with a web master…” says Miller showing us the beginning of her site,

Miller advises that you read not just your moon sign but also the predictions for your rising sign. “The moon sign is your emotional state…it would be presumptuous for me to tell you your emotional state…the month is like a beautiful piece of silk…you have to decide what to do with it…I am just showing you the possibilities and the good and bad days,” says Miller, adding that possibilities have to be actualised with your attitude. “We should be open and loving to the people who cross our path…everybody has a gift to give us…you learn something from everyone you meet…”

As for predictions, you can use, “…this month, October, is tough,” she says, “Uranus and Pluto clashing…shows us gaps in judgement…things come to the surface when they clash, we learn from them…Jupiter is in cancer, that is good…October 18 new moon is not so friendly…November new moon is tough but friendly…Saturn has its finger prints all over the month, so there are certain realities we have to face in the month…from Dec 21 to new year…violent storms coming through…emotional or physical I do not know…”

Miller says she is pointing out the not-so-good dates so that you can plan whatever is possible away from these dates.

One interesting tip Miller gives is to tell you that Saturn takes about 28-29 years to go around all the houses of your chart. This means it has taught you all the lessons that have to be learnt in the different aspects of life. So at that age, you generally make some decisions that stay with you and which move you up a scale. Maybe you get married, buy a house or take up a job…something defining. Then again at 58, the defining moment happens again. This time Saturn has decided to make you wiser…

Says Miller, “The more I study astrology, the more I realise the universe is on your side…pushing you to be creative, to be productive…it shows you, gives you a chance to fix that which is holding you from moving forward. We all are challenged to outwit something at some time…whatever we believe in at some point we will be challenged…we have to prove ourselves. But you can outwit the problem and you have to do it your own way…life is unpredictable,” says the queen of predictions, “…and we have to stand on our toes…we are learning from each other…”

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