Amrita TV upped the ante of reality shows in Malayalam with jazzy sets, high-profile anchors and snazzy rounds. Soon other channels followed with colourful sets and imaginative rounds. For some time, the clones were almost one up on the channel that gave a makeover to reality shows. After designing and conducting reality shows for musicians, dancers, comedians, homemakers and moms, Amrita has come up with a reality show, ‘Supermodel’, to choose a supermodel. A popular programme on many channels abroad, it is perhaps a first in Malayalam. Darshan, director of the programme, is a veteran of such shows having helmed something similar in Rosebowl. He says the new show will groom 14 participants of the show in all the different departments of modelling. The auditions are already being telecast on the channel at 8.30 p.m., from Monday to Thursday. Excerpts from an interview…

In the limelight

When applications were invited for the show, we received portfolios from all over Kerala. We selected 50 contestants to appear for auditions in Kollam and Kochi. They had to be between the ages of 18 and 26. Of that lot 14 were chosen. Among the participants are wannabe models, women who have done some kind of modelling and professionals too. Most of them are in their twenties. At present, we are shooting some of the initial rounds featuring the youngsters.

The rounds

The shooting will all be done in The Quilon Beach Hotel, Kollam. The first set of rounds will be devoted to their sense of make-up, fashion, idea of colours, personality and so on. Then we give them a makeover and a shoot will be arranged for each of them to show them the difference in their make-up and hair before and after the makeover. At the end of the show, each contestant would be well-versed in make-up and fashion trends. We are also planning a calendar shoot by Aarshal, a well-known name in the world of advertisement.

Selecting the best

There will be three elimination rounds and with each segment, gradually, we will keep raising the bar to ensure that the contestants are on their toes. Ramp walks, designer dresses, personality tests and psychological assessments will zero in on the top six or seven participants. There will be individual and group tasks to be completed. We will even be testing their financial acumen.

Judges on the panel

Model and actress Parvathy Nair, fashion choreographer and groomer Arun Rathna, photographer Aarshal and make-up artiste Joe Koratti are some of the judges on the panel. Joe has done the make-up for some of the leading models that we see in ads today. He will give tips to the participants on the kind of make-up that works best in different situations. It will not be a mindless display of looks or physique. We are looking at participants who have the right look and attitude to be a super model.

The finale

It will be telecast live, as with most of our programmes in Amrita. Top names from the world of fashion and designing will join the permanent judges to assess the skill of the models. The winner stands to win a trip abroad while mega prizes await the first and second runner-up.