Can there be a greater blessing than being able to see Lord Narayana?

And if He comes as a child, and a woman feeds Him, bathes Him, rocks Him to sleep, teaches Him to walk, to talk, can anyone be luckier than such a woman? Lord Krishna might have been born the son of Devaki, but it is Yasoda who has the good fortune of bringing Him up, and the 'leelas' of Krishna show how lucky indeed she was, said Kalyanapuram Veeraraghavachariar.

One day Narada comes when Yasoda is giving the baby Krishna bath. Yasoda has her legs stretched, and on her legs lies Krishna, face down. His hands are near her feet, and he is gripping her feet, as if trying to keep from rolling off. Narada is overwhelmed when he sees this. The Devas and countless people do penance to worship the feet of Krishna. Such a one has not only come down to this Earth, to live among cowherds, but grips the feet of a mere mortal. And Krishna addresses Yasoda as 'mother.' Can a woman be more blessed than this, wonders Narada, and sheds tears.

When the time comes for Krishna to walk, Yasoda holds His lotus like fingers and teaches Him to walk. Krishna, in His avatara as Trivikrama, measured the three worlds in just three giant steps. And yet, He submits to Yasoda's motherly love and allows her to teach Him how to walk. The key word here is 'allow.' Krishna, of His own volition, submits to Yasoda's ministrations and attention. Again He allowed Himself to be tied up by her. The rope leaves a scar around His hip, and hence He acquires the name Damodara. Later when He is older, He goes out with the other Yadava boys to graze the cows. When Yasoda has bathed Him, dressed Him and given Him food to eat, she watches Him leave for the forest with the cows. And she is sorry that she has sent Him to the forest. Will not His feet hurt? Will He not be tired, she worries. Even when a mother has done everything possible for her child, she still wonders whether she could have done more. To worry over a child is the prerogative of any mother. To worry over the One who is in charge of this Universe was the prerogative of only one mother - Yasoda.

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