God lives in the hearts of those who think of all human beings as equal. This world has many who treat fellow human beings cruelly and contemptuously.

And yet such is the Lord's love for us that He resides in this world in temples. Those in this world are here due to their karma. But they can be freed from the effects of their karma, if they worship Lord Siva, who is seen in the form of linga in temples, said K. Sambandan.

Although this earth is a place where there is sorrow, even Brahma wanted to be born on this earth, because Siva is seen in many temples. The devas are sorry not to have been born on this earth. God does not discriminate against anyone. What we see as His partiality is not in fact so.

He only assigns experiences to us, on the basis of our karma. To Him the have and the have-not are alike. The Lord wants us to share our God-love with others. This is not easy.

If we plan to go to a religious lecture and meet a friend on the way, it is our duty to inform him of where we are going and invite him to come along with us. But the friend might say he is busy and might just slip away. So while a person must take others along with him, when he goes to worship, those invited must also realise the importance of listening to Vedic truths being explained and must attend discourses.

Those who seek the mercy of Lord Siva must seek the mercy of Goddess Parvati too. Goddess Parvati is even more merciful than He is. Whenever Siva goes to slay someone, He goes alone. When he offers refuge, He is with Parvati, for Parvati forgives more easily, and therefore might pardon an asura, who needs to be destroyed by Siva. So He leaves Her behind, when He has to destroy anyone.

Lord Siva has given one half of His body to Parvati and bears the name Ardhanariswara. Therefore, He will not be pleased if a person worships Him, without worshipping Parvati. In most temples, there is a separate shrine for Goddess Parvati too. When we visit temples, we must not just worship Lord Siva and come away. We must worship the Goddess too.

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