James Cameron’s 3D epic 'Avatar' may have created box office history, but has failed to impress the Vatican, which has slammed the sci-fi movie as "sentimental hokum."

Vatican daily L’ Osservatore Romano has given a thumbs down’ in a review which, among other things, considers Cameron’s storytelling as “bland”, the Variety reported.

“By concentrating on the creation of Pandora’s fantasy world, he (Cameron) tells the story without any deeper exploration,” the Vatican paper said.

“There is plenty of stupefying, enchanting technology, but few genuine human emotions,” the paper said.

Vatican Radio, which goes out worldwide, also criticised the film for “winking at the pseudo-doctrines that have made ecology the religion of the millennium,” which may help explain the animosity.

The Vatican media has been vocal with its opinions on the pop culture in recent years. They had raised an objection to Tom Hanks’ starrer ‘The Da Vinci Code’

However, last month L’Osservatore praised ‘The Simpsons’ on its 20th anniversary, crediting the show for its

“realistic and intelligent writing.”

’Avatar’ will open in Italy on Friday on 800 screens.