Demon Soorapadman grabs Indra’s kingdom and captures his son too. Indra petitions Lord Siva for help and He says Subrahmanya will come to the celestials’ help.

Why has the Lord caused worry to the celestials? It is with a view to reforming them. Parents punish their children so that the children may learn from their mistakes and never repeat them. The celestials have sinned by attending Daksha’s yaga. Daksha had not invited Siva, and so the celestials too must have stayed away, but they did not. So Siva now ignores them, when they are in trouble. Yet He is like a parent, and when the child that has erred seeks forgiveness, He, as a parent, overlooks their sins and helps them, said D. Gnanasundaram, in a discourse. That is why Siva tells the celestials that Lord Subrahmanya will save them.

Mahavishnu’s advice

Indra, along with Brahma, goes to Lord Mahavishnu and seeks His advice. Vishnu says God of love Manmatha must disturb Siva’s penance. A divine child will then be born and it will destroy Soorapadman.

Brahma and Indra go to Manmatha and seek his help. But Manmatha wonders how he can disturb Siva. He says he has aimed his arrows of love at the moon and the Sun, and even at Brahma. But how can he do that to Siva? Can a small flower dare to oppose the whirlwind? Can a flower withstand the heat of a blazing fire? Yet, it is wrong to turn away anyone who asks for help. So this too is a thought that occupies Manmatha’s mind.

There are different types of help one can render. There is help rendered even when it has not been asked for. That is the best form of help. Then, there is help rendered, when it is asked for. This too merits some praise. But if a request for help has been made and yet the help sought is not offered, that would be dishonourable conduct. Manmatha’s help has been sought. How can he refuse? Moreover, if Manmatha refuses help, Brahma will curse him. So he and his wife Rathi go to where Siva is doing penance. Manmatha aims an arrow at Him. Siva burns down Manmatha, but Rathi is spared.

Thus, Manmatha renders timely help, which paves the way for the killing of Soorapadman.

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