Much excitement, danger and wonder surround Krishna’s birth. Once, when Nanda goes to Mathura to pay his annual tribute to Kamsa, Vasudeva warns him that in Gokula many omens portending evil are imminent. He asks Nanda to be careful on Krishna’s behalf. Nanda, Yasodha and the people of Vraja thus take up the rare responsibility to protect Krishna who is in fact the sole and absolute protector of the entire creation, said Sri B. Sundarkumar in a lecture.

The people of Vraja are afraid of the child’s safety, having seen the way Putana had come in their midst and tried to poison Krishna. So they immediately take measures for the protection of the child from seen and unseen dangers by uttering sacred mantras and performing occult rites.

A prayer is addressed to the Lord to protect each and every part of Krishna’s body, the senses, mind, intellect, prana and soul. Based on the belief that Vishnu with His weapons such as conch, discus, bow, mace, sword, etc., is ever ready to protect the world from danger, the mantras are chanted to fortify the child from all kinds of danger.

With great foresight this prayer factors in the vulnerability of human beings and their lack of ability to defend themselves from dangers. Dangers might approach one from the different directions, as well as above and below. While playing or asleep, walking or sitting, or eating, the names of the Lord protect the beings from evil forces. All this illustrates the belief of people that the Lord alone protects all beings at all times, whether one is aware of it or not.

The Lord establishes His supremacy and shows how He alone can protect Himself from the dangers posed by the wily enemies such as Trinavarta and Chakatasura sent by Kamsa.

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