The Gopikas put across their doubts and queries to Krishna. They ponder the existence in this world of different kinds of people. There are some who, if someone treats them respectfully and salutes them, will reciprocate. There are those who go out of the way to be nice even to those who ignore them.

There are yet others, who do not even return the greetings of those who greet them. The Gopikas wonder at the wide variance between human beings. Krishna talks to them about each of these categories of people, explained Adur Asuri Madhavachari in a discourse.

When someone greets us and we greet them in return, the reasons for the wishes of both parties could just be selfish motives. The person initiating the conversation might have a favour to seek of us.

We may return the greeting, again with a view to garnering some benefits through the good offices of the man greeting us. Such wishes are devoid of affection, concern or regard for the other person. Such greetings are, therefore, of the basest kind, signifying nothing more than selfish calculations and schemes.

If we greet someone who has chosen to ignore us, and may not even be well disposed towards us, then we would qualify to be considered good people, with exemplary conduct. But how many people can claim that they have the magnanimity to behave thus?

Lord Rama was an exemplar in this regard, going out of the way to shower His kindness on people. When Vibhishana approached Rama with a view to surrender, everyone around Rama suspected Vibhishana's motives, and felt he was not to be trusted.

But Rama said that even if Vibhishana had remained in Lanka, but had merely thought of Him, He would have hastened to his side. Now that Vibhishana had taken the trouble to cross the ocean and had risked his brother's wrath and had also said that he had come to surrender to Rama, could Rama ignore him?

What about those who, even if someone is respectful towards them, still choose to ignore the greetings? Krishna says that only ingrates fall in this category.

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