Saivite saint Sundarar, while visiting Seraman Perumal Nayanar, a devotee of Lord Siva, sang of his desire to sever worldly ties.

And Lord Siva responded to the cries of His devotee at once. He sent a white elephant to fetch Sundarar to His abode, Kailasa, and the saint departed immediately for Kailasa, said K. Sambandan.

Hearing that his friend had left for Kailasa, Seraman Perumal Nayanar too left at once on a horse-back. But how would he be able to reach Kailasa?

Seraman Perumal Nayanar whispered “Om Namah Sivaya” in the ears of the horse and it started flying towards Kailasa.

Poetess Avvaiyar, through her gnana, sensed that the two men were leaving for Kailasa. She too wanted to accompany them. So she said her prayers in a hurry. Lord Ganesha told her not to rush through her worship of Him. He would make sure that she reached Kailasa even before the other two did.

Avvaiyar followed Lord Ganesha's directive and did her usual worship in an unhurried manner.

Pleased with her worship, Lord Ganesha lifted her with his trunk and put her in Kailasa, well before Sundarar and Seraman Perumal Nayanar reached the holy abode of Lord Siva.

Thus by worshipping Lord Ganesha, Avvaiyar could fulfil her wish speedily. This showed that worshipping Lord Ganesha first and foremost would lead one to success in all ventures.

Avvaiyar sang 72 lines in praise of Lord Ganesha to show her gratitude. Though her work was not lengthy, it was significant in its meaning. Just as a banyan tree, which can shelter an army, could grow from a small seed, the small work of Avvaiyar had within it many facets of bhakti and philosophy.

Avvaiyar praised Lord Ganesha as the One who rids us of the results of our actions and quells our pride.

She pointed out that He makes us realise that we should ponder philosophical truths, use the knowledge gained to dispel doubts and we must resort to meditation.

Also, making us realise the path to salvation, He liberates us from births and deaths.

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