Lakshmana is always at the forefront, when it comes to serving Rama. He never parts from Rama, and is always anxious to serve Rama and Sita. When Rama asks him to stay behind to look after Kausalya, Lakshmana refuses. He says he will go with Rama to the forest full of elephants and deer, and that as Rama and Sita move around in the forest, he (Lakshmana) will walk along with them, armed with his bow and arrows. Service to Rama is more important to him than immortality or being king of all the worlds. He says he will stay on guard while Rama and Sita are awake and when they are asleep. In other words, Lakshmana wants to serve the Divine Couple round the clock. This is how all those who adore the Lord feel, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse.

It is not surprising that Lakshmana is so eloquent about his desire to serve the Lord, for he is considered to be the avatara of Adi Sesha, the serpent bed of Lord Narayana. If the Lord moves, Adi Sesha becomes his umbrella, sheltering Him from the vagaries of weather. If the Lord wishes to be seated, then Adi Sesha becomes His throne. When the Lord reclines, He does so only on Adi Sesha. Thus at all times, Adi Sesha is with Him. So naturally, Lakshmana, the avatara of Adi Sesha is only doing what is natural for him.

Those who serve the Lord never complain of tiredness. Anantazhvan and his wife maintained a garden to supply flowers to the Lord of Tirumala. Even when Anantazhvan’s wife was pregnant, she continued to assist her husband in the service of the Lord. One day, the Lord, in the guise of a young man, approached Anantazhvan, and offered to help, but His offer was turned down. This kind of intense love for the Lord, and a thirst to serve Him, are characteristic of sincere devotees. When Krishna was around, Yasoda could hardly get any work done, for her hands would be full, keeping Him out of mischief. Yet, if Krishna were out somewhere, she would go out and find Him, scold Him, if need be. But she liked to keep Him by her side. Separation from Him was unthinkable. Feeding Him, bathing Him, adorning Him with ornaments — these gave her more happiness than anything else.

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