Krishna’s imparting the fundamental, yet profound, truth of the immortal essence inherent in each one of us, enabling further meditation and internalisation of this knowledge was the theme of a discourse on Gita by Swami Paramartananda.

The spiritual quest of the Jivatma begins with his identification with the undying Self, the Jiva swaroopa, and not the impermanent body. The body is a temporary vehicle for attaining salvation and gets discarded when it gets worn out, and the Jivatma pursues his journey in a new one. The consciousness in a realised soul constantly vibrates with this reality so that worldly affairs are handled with Viveka (discrimination) and Vairagya (detachment). This truth alone brings equanimity to the Jivatma engulfed in the dilemma of worldly existence as exemplified by Arjuna’s realisation in the battle field that he is nothing but a tool in the greater and grander design of the Almighty.

Krishna emphasises that the body and the sense organs including the mind and the intellect are mere instruments of transaction to operate in this world. Understanding the Iswara swaroopa initiates wisdom in the Jivatma who learns to transcend the form to reach out for His infinite glory. It is impossible to grasp the infinite straight away. A child learns the concept of numbers by counting with the fingers and it is a long journey before the idea of infinity in mathematical terms is understood. Likewise, the popular notion of God based on scriptures and the stories of the Puranas suggesting the pluralistic, localised and a finite concept of God needs to be further evolved.

These projections merely serve to indicate His infinity. However, God is much more than what is represented in the Puranas. He cannot be contained in one form. Krishna elucidates the concept of the all pervading, all knowing, omnipotent, infinite and eternal Supreme Brahman. For a true seeker, humility should take root in his consciousness that fosters a holistic growth at the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and rational levels. Though devotion is considered to help initially to fulfil one’s worldly desires, it is capable of conferring the highest benefit of Jnana.

Keywords: Bhagvat Gita

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